Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to "C" your way into better TEAMWORK

My dear archers. After quite dissapointed semester with "senior's problems" and "outsiders" inteferences, I hope 2010 we start fresh. It is clear that it takes a team to achieve a dream. But the question is, what does it take to create a team? Here some points for discussion.

1.) Commitment that inspires results
2.) Contributions that makes a difference
3.) Competency that raises the standard
4.) Communication that increases effectiveness
5.) Cooperation that creates harmony
6.) Chemistry that enhances personal connection
7.) Creativity that enlarges the team's potential
8.) Conflict management that reduces tension rapidly
9.) Cohesiveness that allows change to be rapid
10.) Community that makes the journey fun

Mohamad Azmi Nias Ahmad

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luvyen said...

Journey to success never run smooth.. don't give up to all my friends.

gejetto said...

'Tanpa kegagalan, tiada kejayaan'

azhar said...

anggap ape yg dh blaku itu 1 pegajaran buat kelab kte..tnpa msalah kte jga xdpt hdup dan belajar...dh byk kte lalui..untuk klb ni..skg ni..jgn kte ptus ase..2010 mr kte bsma2 mhdapi sgla msalah yg mnimpa brsama2...all 2 my friend and coach..plez don't give up!!!!!!

azwan wan said...

kita start dhn azam baru, semangat yg baru tuk capai apa yg kta impikan s'lama ini. yg xelok kta p'elokkn n yg dh elok kta p'thankn. kta fight hbis2an. "strive for glory"!!!!

~*[huda]*~ said...

Impossible is nothing!!
Kita yg akn menjadi titik tolak naik turunnya kelab nie..
ape yg dh berlaku kita jdkn pengajaran yg berguna utk mase hadapan..
Always remember, ordinary people do extraordinary thing..!!
Let us be the best in the world..!!

Azminias said...