Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hajat Tercapai, lets move on....


"The tendency of human mind is that it is constantly rushing into past worries and future anxieties. This seems to constantly dissipate our energy"

That is what bothering me right now. Do we have enough passions, strengths, determinations, commitments, and drives to maintain this year (2010) records and achievements? One part of me say YES (65%) and the rest say NO.

My Archers and student, this is the classic case of what I explained earlier in the first paragraph. To much worries might consume our energy and confidence. Therefore, the smartest strategy is to life in the present. Work hard and smart as ever and always pray to Allah for the best outcome.

Don't care to much of what had happened and what might happened.....

To my archers, congratulation on your splendid performances and achievements so far. Thanks to Allah and always thankful to coaches, UiTM Staffs and anybody who given their helpful hands to assist us to be what we are now.

Special thanks to our Director, YH Prof. Madya Dato' Dr Haji Hilmi Bin Ab Rahman for you continuous support.

Hopefully, years to come, would bring glory and joy to Kelab Memanah UiTM Pahang.

Focus, Passionate, Lillahitaala

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Azwan Mohamed said...

betul tu bos....hidup nie kn cm roda....bila kita kt atas jgn sesekali lupa yg kt bawah coz mana tau suatu ari nt kita plak yg kt bawah....